Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil

Wicker Park Lutheran Church

Vicar Jason Fugate

April 17, 2022

God breaks through in hopeless places. Our lessons remind us of many stories we have heard about the many times that God intervenes in what seems like hopeless situations. Rushing waters, blazing furnaces, no not even death is a match for the awesome power of our God.

We are used to the seasons and cycles of life. We know when we approach the end of story where that narrative is headed. We do our best often, to go from a story of death to a story of death transfigured. But Jesus Christ, come down to redeem this world and bring hope that cannot be covered up.

We proclaim this hope, that like a seed that enters the ground, Jesus burst forth from the tomb to share how God’s love is meant for all people. That no matter how bleak the circumstance, or how helpless we feel, God is doing more than we can understand in this world.

Let us be filled with hope today. Where there is injustice, justice will be organized and the injured will be made right. Where there is need, community will provide. Where there are those who seek to oppress and dominate, they will be humbled.

God’s love breaks forth past any limitation that could seem to be before it. Out of the hopeless, Jesus brings forth abundant grace, overwhelming power, and a vision for God’s loving creation existing together in harmony now and forevermore. Let us give thanks for Jesus beating death, his transformational resurrection, and the hope that he has inspired and continues to inspire for our lives and beyond. Alleluia! Amen.