First Communion

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First Communion at WPLC

First Communion is an exciting time for an individual. As Lutherans, we believe that the bread and wine of Communion are also the body and blood of Christ. It is truly a mysterious moment to be reminded that these are God’s gifts “given for you.” Typically, children take their First Communion between first and sixth grade when their parents and pastor determine they’re ready. Here are some questions to help you determine if your child is ready:

  • Does your child show signs of feeling excluded (i.e., asking for Communion)?
  • Has your child been baptized?
  • Can your child recognize moments when they haven’t loved or cared for others and God?Is your child comfortable in various locations around the nave/sanctuary, including near the Communion table?
  • Can your child extend their hands to receive the bread when asked to do so?
  • Does your child recognize the pastor and seem able to interact well?
  • Can your child show a degree of respect for the Communion experience?

If you answered “yes” to all or most of the questions above, your child is likely ready for Communion. Complete this form to enroll in our next class or to indicate interest. After your child attends the First Communion classes, they will take their First Communion one Sunday in church.