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Second Sunday in Lent

We’ve all heard it a million times: “Oh, it’s just my cross to bear.” This phrase repeated often and used to express a kind of powerlessness in our suffering completely misses the point of the original context, which comes in our gospel text today. Yes, Jesus urges his followers to take up their cross, but the complete phrase spoken by Jesus in Mark is: “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” When we look at the whole phrase, we remember that Jesus offers an invitation to not just an action, but to a whole way of life, to a path to follow…

Ash Wednesday

Wicker Park Lutheran Church Rev. Jason S. Glombicki February 17, 2021 Today begins the season of Lent. And Lent is about re-alignment. It’s about adjusting our form. It’s about shifting our perspectives.   We began this season with Matthew’s gospel. In this reading, we heard a similar formula given three times that illuminated what this shift in perspective looks like. The formula was: “Whenever you __(action)___, do not __(do it like this)__. But when you _(action)_, do it __(this way)__.”…

WPLC's Online Community (CCB)

Church Community Builder (CCB) is our online community to connect you with others. If you’re looking to serve during worship as an expression of your faith, wanting to get involved with feeding the hungry, or seeking to build your connection with others through our meal-based small groups, you can get connected with all of that on CCB!