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The Fourth Sunday of Lent

Wicker Park Lutheran Church Vicar Vicky Carthanassis March 19, 2023 I am not a violent person. Whoever worked on translating this chapter of John for the NRSV (the translation of the bible we generally use here) I’d kind of like to brawl them over it.  The translations decisions they made in just two little verses has given rise to some really terrible life destroying theology. To the extent that I decided I wouldn’t even use their version of them and…

The Third Sunday of Lent

Rev. Chrisida Anandan Wicker Park Lutheran Church March 12, 2023 In our Old Testament text today, we read about the Israelites who are facing lack of water when they camped at a place called Rephidim. In the Gospel text, We meet Jesus who was thirsty while sitting near a well and encounters with the Samaritan woman. Water scarcity is not uncommon all over the world. UNICEF reports that “almost… two thirds of the world’s population experience severe water scarcity for…

Second Sunday of Lent

Wicker Park Lutheran Church Rev. Jason S. Glombicki March 5, 2023 Today’s gospel can be a little confusing. Part of what makes it confusing is that the original Greek has a handful of puns and double entendres. John uses these literary devices throughout the Gospel, and unfortunately, they don’t translate well. But, John isn’t alone in using these literary devices. In fact, classical Greek literature along with the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible use them all the time. For example,…

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