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Sunday, June 20 at 10 a.m. is Worship Livestream only
(No in-person worship)

In-person worship resumes June 27th.


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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Today’s passage is a action packed snapshot into one boat trip that took a scary turn. What started out as perhaps a simple crossing of the sea- a lazy Sunday afternoon at the lake- turned into the disciples almost losing their lives…

Second Sunday after Pentecost

“Today’s gospel reading is a little odd. We heard of Beelzebul, Satan, plundering of a strong man’s house, and Jesus’s confusion about his family. At first pass, it comes across worse than if we dig into what Jesus was trying to communicate. So, let’s sort this out…”

WPLC's Online Community (CCB)

Church Community Builder (CCB) is our online community to connect you with others. If you’re looking to serve during worship as an expression of your faith, wanting to get involved with feeding the hungry, or seeking to build your connection with others, you can get connected with all of that on CCB!