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Fourth Sunday in Lent

Today’s gospel reading was a long one. It was 42 verses long to be exact. And, because I’m worried that you might be scrolling on Facebook or that you fell asleep. I’ve got a pop quiz that’s fancier than your nodding or raising hands. On your screen, answer this question: How many times did the words sight, see/seen/sees/saw, or blind appear in today’s gospel – the options are 4, 11, 14, 23, 29, or 34? Correct answer: 29. And, these 29 times helped to communicate to us that this reading, this story, this encounter with Jesus was all about sight. But, it was more than just sight, in John’s gospel, to see is to believe, and to believe in John’s gospel is to have abundant life. And in today’s story, abundant life meant that a man’s existence was utterly transformed…

Third Sunday in Lent

Well, that was some gospel reading. Good thing we all have no place to go right now, and, frankly, you all could have walked away if Dr. Jordan being Jesus was more than you could handle. But, really, sharing that story with you via Livestream is probably one of the better ways to experience the story in the 21st century…

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