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Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Alright party people, I’m here to preach the Word to you one last time. And it seems so fitting that we wrap this time together up with a commemoration. And that’s a jargon-y church word, so before we do anything else, we need to be on the same page about what commemoration are. We’ve talked before about how there’s a sort of hierarchy to feast days in worship…

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Today’s gospel reading is a tough one. We heard that Jesus was in a foreign land with his disciples when a foreign woman interrupted. Now, the rest of the interaction baffles most scholars. Ok, maybe it doesn’t baffle as much as the interpretations diverge…

The Feast of Mary, Mother of Our Lord

Sometimes I think we, as modern day Lutherans, are scared of Mary. Maybe not scared in the “creature lurking in the shadows to ambush us” type of scared. But more…I think we often don’t know what to do with her, we’re not really sure what the “correct” way to feel about her is and that uncertainty makes us anxious and so we cover that anxiety by…kind of trying to say as little about her as possible, outside of Christmastime…

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