Virtual Fellowship

Virtual Fellowship

We are committed to being a hybrid community in worship and fellowship. Join us for hybrid activities and discussions.

ELCA Social Message on People Living With Disabilities (May 21)

As part of our ongoing work to increase accessibility at WPLC towards people living with disabilities, we’re going to look at the ELCA’s social message which was released in 2010: “A Message on People Living with Disabilities”

Over the course of it’s history, the ELCA (the denominations to which WPLC belongs) has released 15 “social messages.” Each of these statements seeks to address contemporary concerns “in light of the prophetic and compassionate traditions of Scripture.” The topics of these social statements cover a wide swatch of issues, each raises concerns on their respective topic and encourages moral reflection, discussion, and action.

We’ll gather together to look over the big picture stuff, and then break out into small groups to look at different aspects of the social message, before reconvening to share what we learned and reflect together. While no previous prep work is needed, if you are interested in learning more about the ELCA’s social messages, they can all be found here.

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