Marriage at WPLC

You want a marriage that will last, and we’ve got the support you need and the gorgeous site to make it happen! Our beautifully restored, historic church is available for weddings, marriage blessings, and vow renewal ceremonies. Come be a part of over 140 years of ceremonies in the beautiful Wicker Park/ Bucktown neighborhood.

At WPLC we affirm and welcome all people to participate in marriage regardless of your religious past, membership status at WPLC, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital history, race, country of birth, socioeconomic or employment status, physical ability, political party, immigration status, home address, medical or psychological history.

Our Approach

We are committed to helping you experience a spiritual celebration. We will respectfully consider your unique personalities and experiences while striving to maintain integrity in the traditions that have enriched the marriages of countless generations of people before us. We will listen to you, provide careful guidance, and work with you in every way we can. We pray that our efforts will reveal God’s commitment to you on this most important of days.

Why have your ceremony at WPLC?

  • Convenient to public transportation (bus stops and “L” station within blocks)
  • Blocks from neighborhood hotel (The Robey) and local B&Bs
  • Reception sites available throughout Bucktown and Wicker Park
  • Meticulously renovated sanctuary and building exterior
  • Beautiful, quiet, tree-lined neighborhood setting perfect for pictures
  • We welcome outside officiants and musicians for wedding ceremonies and are committed to their success
  • Experienced and understanding ceremony leaders recognizing your unique ceremony needs
  • Support WPLC’s community work throughout Chicago
  • Be a part of the tradition of beginning your marriage in Wicker Park since 1879

What is included?

  • Air-conditioned sanctuary and fellowship hall
  • Historic, one-of-a-kind pipe organ and concert-quality grand piano
  • Wedding Ceremony packages are based on the size of the wedding and include one-hour wedding rehearsal in the sanctuary and five-hour use of the entire building on the day of the ceremony (two hours for setup, one hour for the ceremony, and one hour to clean-up)
  • Blessing Ceremony offered for an intimate and cost-effective spiritual experience
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable wedding assistant will make your onsite wedding a delight
  • Experienced and understanding ceremony leaders recognizing your unique ceremony needs
  • Outside officiants and musicians are welcomed for wedding ceremonies (additional fee may apply)
  • Space available for rehearsal dinners (additional cost may apply)
  • Full-color bulletin designed and printed to help guests fully participate (when using our resident pastor)
  • Partnerships with nearby parking lots (pending availability, additional cost may apply)

Tour Our Building

Come inside – we’re happy to talk through our space and give you a tour! We have availability when the church office is open on Sundays between noon and 2 p.m. along with Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Other days and times are available by appointment.

Please contact the church office for a tour and to talk details using email via or phone at 773-276-0263.  We’re excited to welcome you to the perfect location for your wedding in our beautiful and historic building!

Wedding Ceremony

Our most requested and popular choice. This is a full ceremony that has a rehearsal, often includes music, has a wedding party, generally has a photographer/videographer, and is a part of a larger celebration with guests and family. Outside officiants are welcomed, and our wedding assistant is required. If you are looking for something of this scope, please see the WPLC Wedding Information and Procedures on our website for details.

Full details about a Wedding ceremony can be found in our Wedding Information and Procedures. When you’re ready to request a date, click here to download and return our Wedding Agreement.

Blessing Ceremony

This is a limited event that is often paired with another celebration at a different time or location but works equally well for an intimate ceremony. This does not include a rehearsal, music, wedding party, decorations (besides altar flowers provided by the couple if desired), and there are under twenty-five family members present. The benefit of this type of service is the reduction of cost for a religious-based marriage blessing. The marriage license may or may not be signed by the pastor. Outside officiants are not allowed for this religious rite.

Information about a blessing ceremony can be found in our Marriage Blessing Information and Procedures. When you’re ready to request a date, click here to download and return our Marriage Blessing Agreement.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

A great way to celebrate the anniversary of a wedding or mark important transitions in your married life. Each vow renewal ceremony is customized to the couple’s desires. Want to experience the full wedding you never had? We can make that happen. Looking for something small for the two of you? We’ve got that covered.

Contact Pastor Jason ( or 773-276-0263) to begin the conversation.

Off-site Ceremony

A church wedding is not for every couple – we get that. We offer ceremonies off-site within Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. You’ll get the same level of care and detail as an onsite wedding in the location of your choice. For our pastor to officiate an off-site wedding at another venue, please view our Off-Site Wedding Information and Procedures. Don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Jason ( or 773-276-0263) with any questions.