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Visitor Information

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First and foremost, welcome! Please know that wherever you are on your spiritual or religious journey, you are welcome at Wicker Park Lutheran Church (WPLC). Whether you’re visiting for a single Sunday or looking to find a new church home, we are honored to be with you on the journey.

When you’re making your first connection, there can be a lot of uncertainty and questions—we understand. Our community is ever-changing, and we consequently welcome any and all questions. In fact, asking the big questions is what our faith is about!


WPLC is a diverse Christian community focused on a traditional liturgy with expansive theology. The congregation comprises people from most age groups and life stages, as well as from many cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We’re known for our family-friendly atmosphere.

church Shopping

Many people go “church shopping” to find a faith community.  We know that finding a place to fully live into your baptismal calling can be difficult. At WPLC, we place a high priority on making our worship, programs, and experiences relevant to the world and responsive to our culture. Because of this priority, sometimes a single worship service or event can seem narrowly-focused on one topic or a particular expression of our faith. Therefore, we recommend that you attend worship at least four times and join us for a couple different events to best experience the flavor of our community. Over that time you’ll meet a variety of people and get a better feel for our community so you can best discern if WPLC is the place for you.

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