How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member


How to Become a Member

Why become a member?

Membership helps you to deepen your relationship with WPLC and get to know others! As a member, you’ll receive more regular communications and engagement throughout the year. Most members find that this helps to build accountability and support on their faith journey. Additionally, members have a reduced prices for weddings/blessings and space use.

Membership Requirements

The minimum requirement to keep your membership active is to attend worship and donate at least once a year. We hope that our members will also be active in a small group ministry, volunteer during worship, and give a meaningful financial gift.

How to Become a member

The first step in becoming a member is to attend our “WPLC Basics” (new member) class. During the class we talk about Lutheran theology and beliefs, church history, and Biblical interpretation. We also discuss the specifics of our denomination, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), talk about the history and future of WPLC, and share ways to get connected. It’s a great opportunity to meet other new members and ask questions. After completing these classes you’ll be eligible to become a member of the congregation. We acknowledge all new members during a Sunday service and give some fun welcome gifts as well!

The Next Step

To express interest or find out the dates of the next new member class, contact Pastor Jason ( or 773-276-0263) or click here to receive an email when we set the next date.