Altar Flower Sponsorship

Altar Flower Sponsorship


Altar flowers give thanks to God for the gift of creation, beautify the worship space, and can commemorate an important person or event. They bring to life the multi-sensory experience during our worship services.

Flowers are sponsored for many reasons: in memory of loved ones who have died, in honor of the birth of a child, at the time of a baptism, in celebration of a wedding, at any other important event, or in thanks to God for life itself.

When you sponsor the flowers, your commemoration is shared with the congregation in the worship bulletin and in the pre-service reminder. After the services, the bouquets are yours to take home!

Each sponsorship is $30. All Sundays, except for the Sundays in Lent in addition to any special services (i.e. Christmas Eve), are eligible to be sponsored on a first come, first serve basis. Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas Eve all have a different special flower sponsorship opportunity.

Use the form below to indicate which date(s) you’d be interested in sponsoring. The church office will be in touch to confirm the date(s).

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A bouquet of flowers.