Digital Church

Digital Church

WPLC is committed to being a spiritual and social resource in our community while we remain physically distant from one another. All are welcome to engage in a number of ministries as we work to enliven our time and work towards God’s abundant life. The best way to keep tabs on all of our Digital Church programming is to signup for our e-News by clicking here or get individual reminders for some of our ministries here.


We are worshipping together using web-based connections or telephone.  Click here to get connected and to learn more. Sign up for text reminders before Worship Livestream begins by clicking here.

Did you miss a Worship Livestream or want to experience it again? We’ve got you covered. Click here to watch or re-watch our Worship Livestream recordings.


On a walk and want to listen to last Sunday’s sermon again or do you want to turn back time and listen to one from months ago? Our Sermon Podcasts are perfect for this! You can access them on Spotify, TuneIn, iTunes, and more–click here to learn more.

Worship is something that we do as a collective, so we need your help, your voice, your participation! At this time, we have opportunities for individuals to read from the Bible and offer the prayers. Click here to let us know that you’re willing to serve.


We’d rather be having coffee with you and interacting in the fellowship hall, but for now, we’re engaging in some open fellowship, curated activities, and educational experience that help us connect and grow in faith. On some Sundays, we’re gathering for Bible study, others we are learning about contemporary issues, and some weeks we’re having some fun social activities. Click here to connect and learn more.


In times of uncertainty and change, it’s important to spiritually ground yourself. We offer these devotional opportunities as a manner of centering yourself during these days.

We invite you to use this daily devotion delivered to your inbox each morning (Pastor Jason is doing it!). This devotion is called “Christ in Our Home,” and it gives you a reflective reading accompanied by a daily scripture reference and a prayer for each day. These reflections follow the series of readings we use during Worship Livestream, so it’ll help to extend the experience into the week. Click here to sign up for these daily e-mails.

Periodically, we will post pre-record devotions here on Facebook and here on YouTube. These devotions will draw you into community with the world around you and deepen your faith. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube and like us on Facebook so you know when they’re available.



Audio devotion by Dr. Jordan Chua

Our building has become an iconic presence in Wicker Park and many people want to learn more about its history. As people of faith, the art and architecture are more than beautiful, they also hold significance for our faith and deepen our spirituality. Click here to take a spiritual tour of our building and its architecture.


Join our Sunday school teachers as they send out regular information about activities to deepen your children’s faith during this time apart. These activities are geared towards children ages 3-10. There will be diverse content including read-aloud, songs, crafts, and more which can also be accessible for children of all ages (babies, toddlers, pre-teens, and teenagers! The video are posted on YouTube, so check them out here. If you want the full experience and associated activity sheets, click here to get updates about these experiences, and contact Mary O’Brien ( or Jessie Edelman ( with questions.


Please join WPLC’s book club as they move online! This group gathers for an enjoyable discussion on feminism, Christianity, and the roles of each in our lives. They meet on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. Click here to enroll in communications about this group. Email Caroline Magnesen ( or Victoria Bruick ( for more information.


It’s hard for us to be physically separated–you can’t tell us about your life and our pastoral team can’t easily determine pastoral care needs. So, don’t be shy in reaching out to Pastor Jason and Vicar Paisley for a spiritual chat. They are available for conversation via Zoom meetings (using audio and/or video).

If you’re feeling stressed, worried, or fearful, they’re here to provide spiritual support as we work to make sense of our new reality. While vicar and pastor are not therapists (but they highly recommend that you have one!), they can help you explore how your faith connects with your daily life in this newness.


As a congregation, we have agreed to “respond to human need, work for justice and peace, care for the sick and the suffering, and participate responsibly in society” (Constitution C4.03.f.) As such, we will continue to respond to those in need in the midst of this pandemic. Click here to learn more about how you can support or be supported during this time.


At this time, the Congregation Council has decided to offer paid sick leave as needed along with paid time off for our staff who cannot work because of mandatory closings issued by the Council or the government. However, this issue of providing financial support and justly engaging with our employees is dependent on our generous donors and members. During this time of digital engagement, we invite you to continue to donate regularly to our “general operating” to ensure that we can make this a reality.


Every month we prepare 75 meals for the hungry in Chicago and distribute them alongside The Night Ministry’s Health Outreach Bus in Pilsen. Our regular service date is the second Thursday of the month. We need volunteers to help purchase food and assemble and distribute meals. Those interested in serving can contact our Night Ministry coordinator, Maria Edstrom ( or click here to get connected