Worship Volunteers

Worship Volunteers

As a worship volunteer, you are essential to our ministry. Every week the people of God gather at WPLC to celebrate Communion, read the Scriptures, gather in fellowship, and lift up their voices together in song.

To make these gifts and our services possible, we rely on the support of each member and frequent visitor. There are a variety of service opportunities. No prior experience is required for any of the tasks and we welcome all. You’ll receive either one-on-one training or printed instructions.

If you’re ready to serve, click the link below to communicate your availability for the upcoming month. We’ll let you know when you’re signed up to serve and if it’s your first time, we promise to train you and answer any questions you have.

More information about each role can be found below the signup link. Contact Pastor Jason (pastor@wickerparklutheran.org) or Annette, our office assistant and volunteer coordinator (office@wickerparkluthearn.org), with any questions.