Pastor & Staff

Pastor & Staff

At WPLC we empower all people to be leaders in the congregation, bringing forth new ministries and ideas to engage the world and help others glimpse the work of God among us. Our paid staff help guide this process, along with the elected congregation council.

The Rev. Jason Glombicki, pastor and congregation president

Pastor Jason (gender pronouns: he/him – what’s this?) grew up in East Dundee, Illinois, with his parents, brother, and countless pet turtles. He majored in religion, biology, and pre-medicine at Augustana College, Rock Island and worked in Chicago as a homeless shelter case manager with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. He continued his education at both the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and Yale Divinity School before receiving his Master of Divinity with a concentration in urban/metropolitan ministry. During his studies, he served in pastoral roles at Temple University’s Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministries and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Easton, Pennsylvania. Before coming to WPLC in December 2013, Pastor Jason worked as a hospital chaplain at Yale-New Haven Hospital specializing in pediatrics and palliative care. In the fall of 2019, Pastor Jason obtained a certificate in non-profit management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

His passions for ministry include historical liturgical worship, community engagement, administration, and for expansive ministries with marginalized groups (e.g., LGBTQIA+, women, BIPOC, and immigrants). His favorite Gospel is Luke, especially the story of the Good Samaritan, as it is a continual reminder to love God and to love and show mercy to others and ourselves. Its implications are complex and rich, and it shapes and informs Pastor Jason’s ministry.

In his spare time, Pastor Jason enjoys walking along the lake, hiking, playing with his cats, exploring new restaurants with his partner, the fine arts, and keeping up with current events.

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Vicar Jason Fugate, pastoral Resident

Vicar Jason (gender pronouns: he/him – what’s this?) was born in Toledo, Ohio but raised in several towns as his father was called to different congregations. His family––including his parents, younger brother, and dog––moved between Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. He graduated from Capital University in 2018 with a B.A. in Financial Economics (and a minor in Mathematics). While initially looking to pursue a J.D. after college, he was encouraged by the work of the Holy Spirit and his experiences of radical love across many congregations growing up, he alternatively applied to Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and entered the candidacy process for Minister of Word and Sacrament. 

Since starting at LSTC, he has completed one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for a class in Jewish history at the seminary, and served St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska as their intern. He remains passionate about parish ministry, believing all people are called into communities that will practice radical hospitality, generosity, and love for all of God’s people.

Vicar Jason has many personal interests including reading, watching movies, and lifting weights. He loves to spend time with his friends and explore new areas.

Vicar Jason is excited to be serving at Wicker Park Lutheran Church and he is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside the congregation during the upcoming year.

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Dr. Jordan Chua, church musician

Dr. Jordan (gender pronouns: he/him – what’s this?) has been a musician in the Chicago metropolitan area for over 15 years, serving as an ecclesial musician, music educator, and performer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in music and philosophy from Loyola University Chicago and studied the sciences in Loyola’s postbaccalaureate program. Dr. Jordan was awarded a master’s in music education from VanderCook College of Music and completed a doctorate in education from Loyola University Chicago.

He enjoys reading literature by George R. R. Martin, Orson Scott Card, Margaret Atwood, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien; recreating by Lake Michigan; and playing with his baby niece.  Jordan delights in working with both young and experienced musicians. Through his music ministry at WPLC, Jordan desires, as J. S. Bach affirmed, “. . . to give God the greater glory and refreshment to the soul.”

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Annette Aragon, office assistant & volunteer coordinator

Annette (gender pronouns: she/her – what’s this?) grew up in Chicago, Illinois, with her mother, father, brother, and sister. She ventured off on her own for four years to study communications at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. During her sophomore year, she tragically and unexpectedly lost her brother to gun violence. She has used this experience to lift the hearts of others by founding her own nonprofit organization, Israel’s Gifts of Hope Foundation. Annette has dedicated herself to creating awareness and giving nothing but love and compassion to those with similar experiences throughout her city. She is passionate about helping others, fighting injustice, and spreading hope, love, and peace.

In her spare time, she enjoys winding down by journaling, doodling, and listening to music. Annette is most happy when she is hanging out with her baby niece, acting goofy, singing karaoke, and advocating for our planet and all those who inhabit it. She believes it is important to not take life so seriously and make time for fun, silly memories with those you love.

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Tiana Millet, Nursery Caregiver

Tiana (gender pronouns: she/her – what’s this?) grew up in Chicago, Illinois, with her mother, sister, and brother. She is now a mother of two amazing children, Tatiana, 19 and Jionni, 6.

She started her education at Northwestern University in 2001, studying education for one year. Tiana then worked for three years at CPS as a teacher assistant in a special education class. She kept working in education but found a new love in early childhood education as a lead teacher at Cornerstone Daycare. In 2005, she decided to try out Florida and ended up staying in Kissimmee for ten years. During that time, she studied at the University of Phoenix where she completed 60 credit hours towards education and worked at two daycares as a lead teacher in the two-year-old class. In 2015, she came back home to Chicago where she began working at Kids Work Chicago as an assistant teacher for the infant room; she has been there for three years now. She has continued her education at City Colleges of Chicago where she studies early childhood development.

In her spare time, she likes to take her son places like bowling, the park, the movies, and swimming. When she gets time to herself, she enjoys going to Cubs games! GO CUBS!!

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Janie Herbener, Nursery Caregiver

Janie (gender pronouns: she/her – what’s this?) grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, with her parents and younger brother. She studied mathematics and music at Washington University in St. Louis, is a talented multi-instrumentalist, and is passionate about music and children and any combination of the two. She works at a vocal studio in Northcenter and is also a substitute teacher for three- to five-year-olds at the Children’s Creative Center. In addition, Janie is a lifelong Girl Scout who spends her summers working as a counselor at Camp Judy Layne, where she is known as “Tye-Dye” to campers six to eighteen years old. She is so excited to work in the nursery here, where she will get to ensure that the children of this church have fun and remain safe during services.

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