Sermons by Rev. Jason S. Glombicki

Sermons by Rev. Jason S. Glombicki

Ash Wednesday

Wicker Park Lutheran Church Rev. Jason S. Glombicki February 17, 2021 Today begins the season of Lent. And Lent is about re-alignment. It’s about adjusting our form. It’s about shifting our perspectives.   We began this season with Matthew’s gospel. In this reading, we heard a similar formula given three times that illuminated what this shift in perspective looks like. The formula was: “Whenever you __(action)___, do not __(do it like this)__. But when you _(action)_, do it __(this way)__.”…

Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

“Today’s story picks up where last Sunday’s left off. And Jesus is up to the same old thing again–that is, healing. Last week, it was a man with an unclean spirit. This week, we hear about a woman with a fever and many people who were sick or possessed being healed. Yet, Mark isn’t the only gospel to speak of Jesus’s healings. In fact, every single gospel talks about these acts. Jesus heals women and men, young and old, rich and poor, Jewish and Samaritan. The gospels show the breath and the depth of Jesus’s healing. So too, these healings show us something about humanity…”

Third Sunday After Epiphany

One of the things I love most about Mark’s gospel is how it’s written. It’s short and to the point. It’s very matter of fact. It’s like a quick tweet or burst of information. And we see that in today’s reading because we get two nuggets of information paired together in a short reading…