Sermons by Rev. Jason S. Glombicki

Sermons by Rev. Jason S. Glombicki

The Feast of Mary Magdalene

I think it’s safe to say that the name “Mary” was a top ten baby name during Jesus’s childhood. After all, the name Mary occurs 54 times in the Christian Scriptures, it’s found in 49 verses, and it’s likely that these instances denote 7-12 unique people. Because of this, scholars often need to figure out which particular Mary the author is talking about…

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

“Today’s portion of Mark picks up where we ended last week. Up to this point in Mark’s gospel, Jesus was baptized and tempted; he called the disciples, preached, and healed (sometimes on the Sabbath); he told a few parables to speak about God’s truth; and last week, he healed an unnamed woman and brought a child back from death. This week, we had two parts in our reading– first, Jesus’ rejection and second, the sending of the disciples…”

Second Sunday after Pentecost

“Today’s gospel reading is a little odd. We heard of Beelzebul, Satan, plundering of a strong man’s house, and Jesus’s confusion about his family. At first pass, it comes across worse than if we dig into what Jesus was trying to communicate. So, let’s sort this out…”