Sermons from June 2024

Sermons from June 2024

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Today is the halfway point of our 8-week study on Mark’s gospel. We’re picking up where we concluded last week directly after Jesus shared two final parables – one about spreading seeds and another about an out-of-control mustard weed…

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Today we continue our 8-week study on Mark’s gospel. Last week, we heard about two different reactions to Jesus’ message both from his family and the scribes. Between last week and today’s readings, Jesus began to tell parables about the kingdom or reign of God. So far, he’s told the famous parable about a Sower spreading seed onto different types of soil, and he followed that up with some comments about the revelation of Jesus’ ministry being like a lamp being put on a lampstand instead of under a bushel basket..

Second Sunday after Pentecost

If I had to pick a favorite genre of Bible stories “Jesus gets tired of people’s nonsense and responds with scripture and snark” would be right at the top of the list.  And perhaps that is because it’s one of my go to techniques when I’m tired of people’s nonsense. And perhaps that’s one of my go to techniques because Jesus modeled it for me. Who can say really?…