Sermons by Rev. Kwame Pitts

Sermons by Rev. Kwame Pitts

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

Good morning, Wicker Park. I am thankful to be among you once more, to share a Word from the Triune God, to commensurate, in our common fears, worries and yes, even anger. To gather at the table, to be fed, forgiven and then, to actually do the work that Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord left for us. That’s what it means, in that spiritual to keep our lamps trimmed and burning, because there is still a fight before us…

Baptism of Our Lord

Grace and peace to you, My sisters Brothers And Siblings in Christ. As we travel, Down to the river To pray, Let’s allow the Word To immerse us in Sink us in The Goodness of God Into the many paths The Creator lays out before us. Good Lord, Show us the way O Beloved, Let’s go down, Come on down Down where Jesus wants Down into the river In the water To witness And experience Redemption And Love. Amen.

Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost

Good morning, I bring you greetings from your fellow sisters, brothers and siblings in Christ, Of Body and Soul U Chicago Campus Ministry, at Augustana Lutheran Church, where we are committed to living out our faith, through concrete action, because who are we to tell someone, that they should just pound the pavement until they find a job, when we know that the system is corrupted, and instead, we give of ourselves not only through sacred worship but the sharing of sacred food, that should always come without price, and cost.