Sermons from April 2024

Sermons from April 2024

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Today’s gospel reading is from John. As a gospel, John is deceptively difficult to read. It’s complex, filled with deep theology, and possesses a high Christology. It’s a gospel where the shorter readings in our lectionary often make it more confusing. In today’s gospel, we heard the circularity in the text that is emblematic of John…

Fourth Sunday of Easter

In the summer of 2020 I was a hospital chaplain. I was in my first year of seminary and I was nervous about it, and I would have been nervous anyway, but the global pandemic happening didn’t make anything easier. The chaplain supervisor at the hospital said, “I know you’re scared, but it doesn’t matter.” She said she needed all hands on deck because almost everyone else in my program had dropped out. So… I showed up. And I got to work…

Third Sunday of Easter

As we move through the Easter season, we’re invited into explore new life and resurrection in the texts. So too, as we continue the “A Place” sermon series that reflects our A Place for All campaign, we’re looking at these readings with a lens toward how we are called to create “a place” to best live out God’s vision. Holding all of that, three central verbs struck me in today’s reading. They are meet, teach, and send…
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