Resurrection Around Us

Resurrection Around Us

SPot, snap & Share

Especially during the Easter season, we remember and celebrate that the resurrected Christ shows up in unexpected places. We remember that God resurrects God’s love and the promise of new life each day. They did not stay in history and they do not stay inside church walls. We can can see and spot examples and moments of resurrection out in the world, in unexpected places and ways.

Throughout the Easter Season, you are invited to SPOT glimpses of resurrection in the world around you, SNAP a picture, and SHARE with the whole community by sending your pictures to or tagging WPLC on social media.

1) Spot glimpses of the resurrection

First, open your heart and mind to moments of resurrection in your every day life.

Perhaps you can spot resurrection around you in something or someone that gives you new energy or new life lately:

  • A plant that you brought back to life
  • A beautiful sunrise
  • A new hobby or another activity that brings you joy

Or perhaps you spot signs of the resurrection in something that is giving you renewed hope like:

  • Reunions with friends and families after vaccinations
  • A random act of kindness you witnessed
  • Humans helping other humans

Or maybe you feel newly alive or experience new life after reaching a goal like:

  • Finishing a home remodeling project
  • Paying down a car loan or a student loan
  • Graduating or going back to school

2) Snap a picture

After you’ve spotted a glimpse of resurrection, of new life and/or hope, out in the world some where, snap a picture with your smartphone or camera.

3) Share with the community

After you have spotted a resurrection around you, and snapped a picture of it, now you can share it with the world!

  1. Email your pictures to 
  2. Tag us on Instagram using @wplc_chicago
  3. Tag us on Facebook be using @wickerparklutheran
  4. Use #wplcresurrect on any social media platform