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Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

The Gospel reading speaks of Jesus “setting his face to go to Jerusalem.” It is clear that this marks a deep change in Jesus. Let us see. Jesus’ path to Jerusalem starts by passing through a Samaritan village. Jews looked down upon Samaritans as half-castes and the disciples sent ahead must have shown it for the Samaritans offer them no hospitality. And, as the logic of racial pride unfolds, James and John feel insulted. “Jesus, let us command fire from heaven to consume them!”…

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Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Do you remember reading a story when you were three- or four-years-old? When we were younger we often wanted to know what happens next in a story. We wanted to know: where did they move, or was the baby born? As we begin reading novels we begin to learn that focusing on the plot alone may cause use to miss out on the meaning. Eventually we learn that sometimes stories are less about what happens and more about to whom things happen…

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