The Baptism of Our Lord

“Violent insurrection. Deep divisions. Widespread unrest. This is the world in 70 AD that Mark is writing his gospel in. He was writing during the Jewish-Roman war, when a group of Judeans rose up against the Roman empire, and tried to take back control of their towns…”

Epiphany Sunday

Today’s gospel is an all-too-common story. It’s a story that we read each Epiphany. And the story begins with the phrase “in the time of King Herod.” This phrase sets the tone for what is to come. It’s revealing to us what the world looks like at Jesus’s birth…

Second Sunday of Christmas

With today’s gospel passage, we start to understand the cosmic proportion of what happened at the nativity. What it meant for Jesus- who was with God at the very creation of the universe- to be born in a fleshy baby human body…