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Second Sunday of Easter

Biblical scholars say that when today’s Gospel of John has the risen Christ breathing on his disciples, John is intentionally calling up images of the creation story in Genesis when God scoops up the earth and breathes into it and creates the first human…

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Easter Sunday

It was a Sunday afternoon in May. 8-year-old Sergio walked down a street in his hometown in Chile. As he walked with the cobblestone below his feet and the sun beating on his face, he began to feel a little off-balance. Within seconds he fell to the ground. From the ground, he saw chimneys falling through roofs and electrical wires swinging from telephone poles. For the next ten minutes, this earthquake rattled his hometown, which geographically moved 30 feet westward. As the town moved, a large tsunami wave started flowing across the Pacific Ocean headed toward Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippians. When that rattling finally stopped, it was named the largest recorded earthquake in history…

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Easter Vigil

This is the night. This is my favorite night. Oh, what a night! It’s my favorite night mainly because it both clarifies & muddies resurrection. Oh, what a night, that I will remember.
Now, in contemporary Christianity, I think we’ve taken the resurrection and limited it far too much. You see, in our continuous repetition of a figure of speech sometimes we turn a metaphor into a definition. For example, since the church seldom calls God “rock,” the language is recognized as metaphor, but because the church often calls God “father,” some people imagine God to be literally a father in the sky…

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