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Baptism of Our Lord

Grace and peace to you,
My sisters
Siblings in Christ.
As we travel,
Down to the river
To pray,
Let’s allow the Word
To immerse us in
Sink us in
The Goodness of God
Into the many paths
The Creator lays out before us.
Good Lord,
Show us the way
O Beloved,
Let’s go down,
Come on down
Down where Jesus wants
Down into the river
In the water
To witness
And experience

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There is one thing that I have never understood about today’s gospel story. That is, how did Herod and his advisors miss the star? If it was something so visible and unique that the Magi set out on a journey, why didn’t Herod’s people see it? Living in Chicago, I know that I frequently miss the happenings in the sky. If it’s not light pollution or the weather blocking my view, then it’s because I don’t think it has an impact on my life. Yet, the Magi were different; they had an eye to the sky…

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The Holy Innocents

There is no getting around it, today’s gospel is horrific. It seems like an odd reading for the Christmas season. It appears to be a poor choice to read it on a baptism Sunday. It seems like a reading that we’d want to hide under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist. No matter our feelings, it’s here for us to hear. It’s here for us to wrestle with today…

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