Sermons from December 2021

Sermons from December 2021

Christmas Eve

Christmas time is probably the only time of year I think about angels. I’m not someone who thinks about guardian angels. I don’t think of those who have died as angels. Frankly, angels seem so odd and a little creepy…

Seventh Sunday of Advent

Today’s gospel reading is a bit of a unicorn. After all, there aren’t too many places in the Christian Scriptures where women speak. And there’s even fewer places where two women have a conversation with one another. Yet, today’s reading is one of them…

Sixth Sunday of Advent

Grace to you and peace from God, our Creator, and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. I suspect some of you are like me and do your grocery shopping on Sunday but I know we all have been grocery shopping one time or another. When you go grocery shopping, we’ve probably also all had this happen: you discover something you did not know you needed…
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