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Christ the King Sunday

As of late, almost every time I look at my phone I have an alert from a news outlet. One source tells me that at least 129 are dead in terror attacks in Paris. Another announces that the United States House passes a bill restricting flow of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Yet one more says that the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks was killed in a police raid. Violence, death, and fear seem to reign supreme as of late. And some of us walk around in fear of future terror attacks in America. We notice the violence around the world, violence on streets from guns, and some suffer from the violence from intimate partner abuse.

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Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Growing up, the vacations my family and I took were always road trips. So my siblings and I got pretty good at in the car entertainment. But despite our best efforts, we would inevitably find ourselves bored and antsy, with ‘nothing’ to do, and mom would try to step in, and help us out…

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24th Sunday After Pentecost

If you look at a Chicago flag you’ll see a white background, with two blue horizontal lines, and four red stars. Each star represents something significant in Chicago history. The first star represents Fort Dearborn, the second the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the third the World’s Columbian Exposition, and the fourth the Century of Progress Exposition. Over the years there has been conversation about adding a fifth star, and what is deemed significant enough to add a star has been of great debate. Some wanted a star for the first nuclear reaction below University of Chicago, or for the first Chicago public school, the first Chicago railroad, sending Al Capone to prison, or for reversing the direction of the Chicago River’s flow. While no official fifth star has been added, the conversation about what makes something significant is an intriguing question. Similarly the scripture writers had to determine what was significant enough to be included…

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