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Baptism of Our Lord

Statistically speaking, 66% of you know the feeling – it’s a feeling like you’ve been in a place and done the same thing before, even though you know you couldn’t have. Researchers call it “déjà vu,” which is a French phrase meaning “already seen.”[1] Today’s Gospel reading is one of those déjà vu experiences for me. The most simplistic explanation is that we did read part of this story last month. At that time, the focus was on “John the baptizer;” now, the focus shifted slightly to illuminate Jesus’s baptism…

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Epiphany Sunday

It’s Epiphany Sunday! But, what exactly does “Epiphany” mean? In a Christian context, it describes a divine manifestation, a revelation, or an insight.[1] If I had to give Matthew’s story a working title to articulate today’s revelation, I’d go with, “Globalization’s Influence on Politics.” Now, don’t check out on me or cue up a nasty email to me on your phone. Instead, let’s look at the text, and I’ll explain the title…

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Christmas Eve

At this time of the year, we often go out of our way to spend time with important people. We pause to give thanks and celebrate. Yet, in our human attempts to be everything to everyone we often over promise and under deliver. We say that we’ll attend the work party and don’t; we pledge to not talk about politics until we do; and we make grandiose promises only to let others down. As humans, we have a tendency say more than we act on. After all, it’s easy to note that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims in Las Vegas or Sutherland Spring. We are quick to grieve for the devastation in Puerto Rico and Texas only to forget their continued struggle. When we see climate change we promise to take our consumption seriously, until we fall into the consumerism of Christmas. Yet, the true Christmas story is one where words and actions are united…

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