Tithe Basics

Tithe Basics

What is a Tithe?

A tithe is rooted in Jacob’s promise to give God a tenth of all he obtained as a gift of thanks for everything he was given (Genesis 28:12-22). Now, Christians embrace this as a spiritual practice.

This practice helps us to develop a thankful heart for God’s gifts and redirects our dependence toward God. It moves us from an individual mindset towards a communal mindset. This spiritual practice allows us to better align our time and money with our beliefs and priorities.

Determining Your Weekly Tithe

1. Use the “My Income” columns to find which row applies to your income.

2. Determine which “My Weekly Giving” column most closely aligns with your household’s current weekly giving

3. Prayerfully discern how your finances align with your giving. You might consider:

  • moving towards a tithe by increasing weekly giving by a percentage point or more
  • giving a tithe
  • increasing your gift beyond a tithe
A chart that describes weekly giving based on percentage of income.
Chart from https://www.prosperumc.org/stories/percentage-giver


Now that you know the why and the what, it’s time to put the spiritual practice into work! Check out a few ways you can lean into God’s abundance below.