This festival Sunday honors the Resurrection! Come join us for a festive celebration of our God who dispels our fear of uncertainty and death. After all, we probably need Easter this year more than ever before!

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"Easter at Home" Kit

While the pickup of an “Easter at Home” kit has past, it’s not too late to make your own! To make it feel like a Wicker Park Lutheran Church Easter, you can:

  1. Get out your Alleluia!
    • The Alleluia can be simply written on a piece of paper, on a big banner, or cut-out letters. Here is a coloring sheet you can download.
  2. Prepare for Communion (get something to eat and drink, ideally a staple-grain and a festive beverage–may we suggest sparkling juice or champagne?)
    • Set up a “special table” for this communal meal. Maybe include a Bible, a candle, flowers, a nice plate, a favorite cup, and a couple of napkins. 
  3. Get some confetti.
    • Cut or tear up paper or buy some (it’s not Easter at WPLC without it!)
  4. For children, download one of our Easter Sunday children’s activity bulletins below.

Join us for Easter

Will you be able to join us for our Easter celebration? We’re throwing open our virtual doors and drawing in all the digital energy we can muster! After all, God has done and continues to do among us. Click below to let us know that you’ll be with us on Easter Sunday!

Let us know if you can make it!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Wait, how do I join the worship livestream?
  • Will I be seen or need to talk during the service?
    • Nope! Your microphone and camera will not be enabled. So, wear your pajamas, we won’t be watching.
  • Why should I participate, it won’t be the same?
    • It will feel a bit different, but you can click here to reserve a free Easter Sunday kit. Or, if you’re the D.I.Y. type, click here to design your own.
  • So, can I receive a Worship Livestream reminder?
  • Where can I learn more about WPLC?