Community Asset Mapping: April 18, 2024

Community Asset Mapping: April 18, 2024


Wicker Park Lutheran Church (WPLC) has been a hub of spiritual and social resources in Wicker Park since 1879. We are the oldest active community/religious organization in Wicker Park. Over these 145 years, we have consistently shaped Wicker Park by supporting neighbors, businesses, and the local economy. In fact, our economic impact is over $2 million each year (read more here)! You are invite to discuss the future of the Wicker Park through a community asset mapping event with key Wicker Park stakeholders.

Leaders and stakeholders from the Wicker Park/Bucktown community are gathering in light of an exciting community project being led by Wicker Park Lutheran Church. The community asset mapping event will bring together a diverse set of voices, expertise, and perspectives to brainstorm and explore new ideas to make Wicker Park Lutheran Church’s historic building a more vibrant community center and social resource.

This event is facilitated by community consultants Partners for Sacred Places to foster connections and enhance long-term relationships that strengthen our neighborhood.



From 2022-2023 Wicker Park Lutheran Church had an economic impact exceeding $2 million dollars! That exceeds the national average for historic, urban congregations!

Independent Economic Halo Study (July 2023)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


A: There are three main purposes of the event: (1) to connect key stakeholders in the community for the good of Wicker Park/Bucktown, (2) to hear a bit about our transformational project to further enhance our neighborhood, and (3) to participate in an asset mapping conversation.

This event is part of WPLC’s efforts to grow a network of partners and think creatively about ways to enhance the church’s presence and potential as a vibrant and vital community resource  by leveraging its assets and those of the wider community.  

Q:  WHERE is the Event? Is there Parking? it A.D.A. Accessible?

A: It will be held at Wicker Park Lutheran Church, 1500 N. Hoyne Ave (at the corner of Hoyne & Le Moyne). Additional details about parking, accessibility, public transportation options, and the facility can be found here.

Q:  WHY HOLD An “asset Mapping Conversation?”

A: The asset mapping conversation brings together a diverse set of voices, expertise, and perspectives from throughout the community to collaboratively develop new ideas to help maximize the value and potential of the church’s facilities as a vital community hub which already houses a variety of programs and activities!

A wide range of key individuals in the neighborhood and wider Chicago will be attending this exciting event.  These participants come from many different sectors of our community, and their common bond is that they each have something to offer – their perspective, enthusiasm, connections, support, curiosity, creativity, and love for Wicker Park/Bucktown.

Q:  HOW DOES AN “asset Mapping Conversation” Happen & Who Leads It?

A: Asset mapping identifies the many, varied assets of a community.  This event will focus on the assets available through WPLC’s building and location along with its place in the Wicker Park/Bucktown community and the city of Chicago.  Participants will make connections between these assets that can lead to new programs, initiatives (including service, business, and cultural), connect resources, and initiate new partnerships that leverage opportunities for the use and reuse of its historic building. 

The asset mapping will be led and facilitated by Partners for Sacred Places, a national nonprofit that is dedicated to the active community use and sound stewardship of America’s houses of worship.  

Q:  Why was I invited?

A: Asset mapping is a community-based process that gathers the input of a wide circle of engaged leaders who bring their unique knowledge, talents, and expertise to create new ideas that will strengthen our community.  We have identified key leaders in education, arts, philanthropy, business, faith, historic preservation, health, etc. that together bring valuable understanding and insight to the process, especially on behalf of the groups and institutions that they serve. 

WPLC identified you because your accomplishment, leadership, and experience in your organization can play a critical role in ensuring the best possible outcome for the asset mapping event.

Q:  Are you asking me for Money or to Join Your Church?

A: No! This is not a ploy to get you to join the church or donate money. We have long been an essential community partner in Wicker Park and often hold these types of events to bring together stakeholders to discuss the future of Wicker Park. This event will help WPLC and the larger community strengthen our work to care for the neighborhood.

Q:  What If I’m Not Lutheran Or I’m Not REligious?

A: Awesome! You should come. In fact, we estimate that over 90% of the people who use our community hub are not Lutheran and many are not religious. We welcome all faith backgrounds and those without any religious affiliation.

Q:  What if I Have Another Question?

A: We’re here to answer any questions you have. You can contact the church office at or 773-276-0263 to get connected to the right person.


Wicker Park Lutheran Church has been at the corner of Hoyne & LeMoyne since 1879. The current building dates from 1906 and presents limitations to how the community can gather. We are embarking on a $1.4 million+ campaign to address these limitations in the second phase of a $3.6 million project.

This next phase will better (1) welcome diversity with an elevator and ADA-accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms, (2) preserve and restore our historic architecture, and (3) enhance community spaces. We’re well on our way to hitting the goal with multiple grants and numerous individual donors!