Sermons from October 2022

Sermons from October 2022

Reformation Sunday

Looking at all of today’s texts, Jeremiah is pulling at me in the most. It doesn’t happen often that a reading from the Hebrew Scriptures grabs me more than the gospel reading. After all, Jesus is kind of a big deal in Christianity. But, I think it’s the reformational aspect and the covenantal language that draws me to its wisdom…

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

Before we get too deep into this gospel reading, I’m wondering who has heard this parable before? Well, let me first give the sermon I usually hear on this text. It goes like this… We have two people. One is a Pharisee, a Jewish leader who is exceedingly righteous and judgmental, and the other is a tax collector, a traitor of his people, who is humble and contrite. While you might think the righteous one following God’s rules has the best relationship with God, it is the tax collector who is justified with God. So, the takeaway, be humble. Amen…

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

I led my first protest when I was 10. Grandpa had some stressful paperwork he was doing, and we were, allegedly, pestering him about getting ice cream, and he lost his temper, something he never did, and yelled. I felt this was unacceptable behavior and we should have ice cream.  I discussed this with my little sister, and we felt there were a variety of other issues too. They keep saying we’ll go to the amusement park this summer, but when?…
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