Seal and Sustain: WPLC’s Building Campaign

Seal and Sustain: WPLC’s Building Campaign


The Spirit has been moving at WPLC, growing our ministries and flooding us with faith and fellowship! At the same time, floods of water and humid days have been taking a toll on our historic building.

The congregation recently voted to install an energy-efficient, solar-powered HVAC system on the main level of the church. This will improve worshipers’ health and comfort, sustain and expand our attendance, allow us to heat and cool specific areas of the upper level (presently we can only heat the whole upper level as a single area), and slow the deterioration of our landmark organ and exquisite decor that is occurring due to heat and extreme humidity.

After the congregation voted to move forward with the solar-powered HVAC system, our basement flooded with over two inches of water in some locations in late February. The cost to resolve the flooding issue is significant and is not covered by our insurance or eligible for denominational grants.

Because WPLC is entirely self-funded, these two projects have the potential to significantly strain our blooming ministry. The total cost of the projects is estimated at $261,950 to seal the basement and sustain our ministry with a solar-powered HVAC system. See the current status of the campaign below.



  • Sealer: $0–$999
    • Anonymous (6)
    • James and Linda Ayers
    • Ariel Brenner
    • Noah Baird
    • Mark and Mary K Baker
    • Robin Bass
    • Phillip Brusius
    • Heather Burdsall
    • Frederick Carmean
    • Kevin and Kellie Casey
    • Ann Chenault
    • Marcie Crowley
    • Ballie Cloyd
    • Ruben Delgado
    • Jessica Edelman
    • Paul Edelman
    • Allison Ettlinger
    • Paul Feaser
    • Tammi Franke
    • Lisa Gerberding
    • Joseph and Cheryl Glombicki
    • Joseph Grimberg
    • Emily Grimm
    • Stephanie Guerrero
    • Charity Haines
    • Gregory Hanna
    • Ashley and Stephen Heinz
    • Ronald and Sue Herr
    • Amy Herrold
    • Stephanie Hoeman
    • Lynn Hurley
    • Laura James
    • David Johnston
    • Bridget Jones
    • Peder Jothen
    • Anthony Joseph
    • Todd and Michelle Joseph
    • Sharon Juntunen
    • .Judith Kaur
    • Lanzetta Family
    • Edmund Lebitta
    • Benjamin and Anna Locke
    • Katie Lombardo
    • Charles Lundgren
    • Stan and Janet Lukasiewicz
    • Lindsay and Brian Macmillian
    • Caroline Magnesen
    • Gail Marnik
    • Fiona MarnikSaid
    • Rev. Douglas and Rev. Christine Meyer
    • Jonathan Meyer
    • Jason Mount
    • Henry Muszynski
    • Megan Neubauer
    • Lianne O’Brien
    • Susan Oakley
    • Bonnie Orvick
    • Larry Peddy
    • Boyd Raveling
    • Samuel and Lucille Razzano
    • Herbert and Sue Ann Reichelt
    • Bryant Rosenwinkel
    • Roger and Carol Ruhlin
    • Brenda Sanders
    • Dani E Schleef
    • Cathi Schwalbe
    • Chance Scott
    • Rubani Shaw
    • Sherry and Jon Sohn
    • Cynthia Stevens
    • Laura Stivers
    • Natalie Struble
    • Sarah and Justin Swagler
    • William Swenson
    • Hannah Taylor
    • Kristen Taylor
    • John Thompson, Jr.
    • Joy and David Tournoux
    • Cole Von Glahn
    • Ashlee Vorachek
    • Kristen Vuchichevich
    • James and Margaret Warp
    • Lawrence Wick
    • Monica and Brian Wilson
    • Peniel Multi-Ethnic Church of Chicago
  • Restorer: $1,000–$2,499
    • Lisa Jo and Paul Abbo
    • Kelli and Chris Allen
    • Lindsay and Reid Bolton
    • Eric and Judy Dollard
    • Christine and Rich Duncan
    • Heidi Hedeker
    • Cyril and Gretchen Helbling
    • Damon and Diane Lawson
    • Robert and Janet Link
    • Donald and Jane Oppermann
    • Bonnie and Joseph Stanfield
    • Sten and Kristin Turpin
    • Strawbridge United Methodist Church (Kingwood, TX)
  • Rebuilder: $2,500–$7,999
    • Anonymous (1)
    • Mark Brusius and Ashley Hutti
    • Alissa Gemeny
    • Amy Jewel
    • Jeremy and Kate Kaufman
    • Kristin and Josh Schukar
    • Bernie and Candy Smedley
  • Reviver: $8,000–$15,999
    • Anonymous (2)
    • Nora and Kris Davia
    • Maria Edstrom and Rob Kosar
    • Tom and Kirsten Muszynski
  • Sustainer: $16,000+
    • Anonymous
    • GAINSystems Inc.


  • Over 3,600 hours of low-cost community space provided in 2017
  • Scripture reminds us that sharing our resources is a spiritual gift: “The love of money is a root of evil . . . be rich in good deeds, generous, and willing to share.” (1 Timothy 6:6-19)
  • Record attendance at Sunday school and a 20% increase in Sunday worship attendance in 2018
  • Newly launched WPLC Concert Series
  • Teaching congregation that helps train future pastors
  • Testimonies like this one: “There are many inspiring things happening here. Along with the traditional, there are events, attitudes, and most importantly, actions of the minister and its members that are fresh and contemporary.”
  • Click here to read more in last year’s annual report



  • Asbestos remediation– completed mid-March
  • Stage demo– completed early-April
  • Electric demo– completed May 31
  • Boiler piping demo– completed June 5
  • Empty community closet to temporary space– completed June 10
  • Southwestern stair rebuild– completed June 28
  • Wall demo– completed July 14
  • Electric service upgrade (for air conditioning and solar array) –Completed July 30
  • Electrical rebuild (related to water damage)– Completed July 30
  • Waterproofing – completed August 10
  • Walls roughed out and stairwell work– completed September 5
  • Floor leveling – completed September 5
  • Air conditioner/heating installation– completed September 19
  • Solar panel installation–completed
  • Electrical finalization – completed September 20
  • Boiler pipe re-route– final work on Tuesday, November 27
  • Wall finishing– completed
  • Painting by volunteers– completed
  • Woodwork – completed
  • Punch list– completed



On February 25, the congregation voted to install a 15 kW solar array (see design plan below), upgrade the building’s insufficient electrical service, and install an energy-efficient solar powered HVAC system on the main level of the church building. The HVAC system will improve worshipers’ health and comfort, allow us to heat only specific areas of the upper level (i.e., the fellowship hall or the offices only, without heating the sanctuary), and will slow the deterioration of the organ, paint, floors, and walls caused by excessive heat and humidity. A generous donor agreed to pay a significant portion of this project, and the congregation authorized a loan up to $50,000 to pay for the out-of-pocket costs.

Shortly before this meeting on February 22, we had a significant flood in the basement (see below) with over 2 inches of water in some areas. Due to the location of the flood, remediation required significant demolition of the stage, including asbestos removal. We learned that the water came through the wall and floor in the workroom, under the southwestern stairs, behind the stage, and in the boiler room. Contributing factors included a downspout not emptying into the catch basin, deteriorating stone joints, and heavy rains. Since the first major flood, the area continues to flood whenever there is heavy rain, and water infiltration occurs even with a moderate rain. The repairs that are necessary to fix the underlying water issues and put ourselves in a position to realize the basement’s master plan (see below) will cost a total of $81,195.

We pray that you might partner with us to help us seal our basement so that we can continue providing much-needed space to WPLC and the larger Wicker Park Community; your support will help us to sustain our growing ministries by reducing annual maintenance costs caused by heat and humidity while prolonging the renovations on the upper level.  The Holy Spirit is alive in the ministries within this place, and your gifts could be key in our partnership with God to bring life, healing, and hope to so many. Thank you for your consideration.






Contact WPLC’s Executive Committee with any further questions at or call 773-276-0263.