Congregation Meeting

Congregation Meeting

Sunday, November 12, 2023

~ 11:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall

The Congregation Council has unanimously voted to call a Congregation Meeting to (1) consider a Capital Campaign to fund the next phase of our Comprehensive Building Plan, and (2) approve a Consulting Agreement with Partners for Sacred Places to assist in securing funding for the Capital Campaign. This is the only business to be considered.

Preparing for the Meeting

Attending the Meeting

All voting members are highly encouraged to attend. As a reminder, our constitution does not allow proxy or absentee ballots, and a quorum is required to hold the meeting. 

Two ways to attend:

  1. In person following Second Sunday Social at approximately 11:45 a.m.
  2. On Zoom. You will need to ensure that BOTH your audio and video are available during the meeting as we comply with Robert’s Rules of Order for all votes.
    • RSVP was required by Sunday, November 12 at 6 a.m.

Meeting DOCUments


  1. Voting member check-in
  2. Call to order
  3. Establish quorum (20% of voting membership needed)
  4. Presentation and consideration of the Congregation Council’s unanimously-approved motion: to approve the launch of a Capital Campaign to conduct the next phase of the Comprehensive Building Plan, and to further approve the Consulting Agreement with Partners of Sacred Places in relation to this next phase.
  5. Adjournment
  6. Lord’s Prayer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find more information about the Comprehensive Building Plan?


2. What will the Capital Campaign look like?

Learn more in the “Capital Campaign Preparation Materials.”

3. How was Partners for Sacred Places chosen to be the fundraising consultant?

The Comprehensive Building Plan Task Force interviewed multiple consulting firms to find the best fit for the congregation. After interviewing and weighing the needs of WPLC, this firm was determined to be best situated to help historic, urban congregations like ours maximize our fundraising capacity.

4. What will the next phase of the Comprehensive Building Plan include?

This ultimately depends on how much money we are able to raise from the congregation, the community, and grantors. We anticipate that it will include project numbers 2, part of 3, and part of 4 as presented during the Building Renovations Updates & Feedback Meeting on October 29.

This includes an A.D.A. entry at the existing northeast side of the building, LULA elevator, new staircase, A.D.A. accessible bathroom on the main floor, serving counter/cabinets in the Fellowship Hall, adding drain tile and waterproofing membrane on the north and east sides of the building, new family bathroom with an accessible shower, new A.D.A. accessible toilets, washer/dryer, and window replacement in select areas.

If funds allow, we hope to include the central hallway, lounge, nursery, and east meeting room during this phase of work. If funding exceeds that which is needed for projects 2, 3, and 4 (for example, additional grants are secured or the campaign is extremely successful), we will continue to work through the next projects in order as they build on one another.

4. When will construction begin?

Construction will begin after we have worked to raise funds and finalize the scope of work. We expect to call another congregation meeting in mid-to-late- 2024 to approve working with a specific contractor and to better align the funds raised with the actual costs. Construction will not begin until the Congregation approves a specific scope of work and a selected contractor at another Congregation Meeting.

5. What if I have more questions?

To best expedite the Congregation Meeting, we encourage you to reach out to the Executive Committee with any additional question. You can email the committee at