God’s Work, Our Hands

God’s Work, Our Hands

“God’s Work. Our Hands.” Sunday Project:  “Bags of Love”

“Bags of Love” are back by popular demand! On Sunday, September 11 (“God’s Work. Our Hands.” Sunday) we’ll gather to assemble the bags. Food, toiletries, and food gift cards will be included in the bags, along with some information about shelters and a handwritten note. Members and visitors will be encouraged to take a few kits and stash them in their glove boxes or work bags. Then, instead of turning away or crossing the street, you’ll have a reason to walk towards those in need—to smile at them, have a conversation, and leave them with a bag of love!

How can you help?

1. Donate towards buying the items. Each kit will cost approximately $40. Mark or record as “God’s Work. Our Hands.” or “Bags of Love.”

  • Give with e-check or credit card at our giving page
  • Mail a check or money order to 1500 N Hoyne Ave.; Chicago, IL 60622
  • Venmo (@wickerparklutheran)
  • PayPal

2. Bring kit items to the church by Sunday, September 4 (place in the labeled basket)

  • Mini box of raisins (60 needed)
  • Granola bars (60 needed)
  • Small bag of cough drops (60 needed) 
  • Lip balm with sunscreen (57 needed)
  • Travel-size mouthwash (57 needed)
  • Travel-size toothpaste (57 needed)
  • Travel-size clothing detergent (60 needed)
  • Hand warmers (56 needed)
  • New or lightly used socks (60 needed)
  •  $10 gift card to a restaurant or grocery store (57 needed)

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3. Write, draw, or make a card. Be as creative as you’d like or buy something from the store. Include some uplifting words, a bible verse, a prayer, or draw a picture. Bring to the church by September 11. You’re welcome to drop them in the church’s mailbox before service as well.

4. Join us on Sunday, September 11 as we put these kits together and then send them out into the world.