Advent: A Season of Yearning

Advent: A Season of Yearning

At WPLC, we engage in a seven-week Advent. This more historical length of the season helps us to immerse ourselves in the themes of this time–hope, waiting, and yearning. (Learn more about a seven-week Advent here.)

Throughout the Advent season, we will hear a story from a different prophet each Sunday. Prophets have a message that yearns for a time when the world will be different. It’s a message of hope, anticipation, and longing for God’s fullness to be realized.

In a time where we see hungry on the rise, violence taking over the streets, unequal treatment of humans, and suffering due to human greed, we yearn for God’s vision. We long for the time when all can be fed, all are safe, all are treated humanely, and when a vision of abundance allows us to share more freely what we’ve been given. This is the yearning of our Advent season.

What We’re Doing

Advent Project: SUPPORT Ministry Partners Yearning for Justice

Throughout the Advent season, we focus on the vision that our ministry partners have to bring about God’s fullness. We yearn with them and support their work to bring about healing and wholeness.

We encourage you to donate towards these ministries through WPLC’s website throughout the Advent/Christmas season to allow your gift to be included toward the progress.

  • The Night Ministry – yearning for all to have housing, healthcare, and human connection (learn more)
  • Katie’s Closet – yearning for seminary students to have healthy food (learn more)
  • WPLC’s Little Free Pantry – yearning for pantry shelves to sustain hungry bellies (learn more)
  • Trinidad Lutheran Church feeding program – yearning for the alleviation of hunger (learn more)
  • Companion Synod: South Africa AIDS Ministry – yearning for those in South Africa to be supported with healthcare, education, and support (learn more)
  • Lutheran Social Services of Illinois – yearning for healing, justice, and hope through various social service programs (learn more)
  • Refugee One– yearning for safety, housing, and employment for all (learn more)
  • Lutheran Disaster Response – yearning for renewal and resurrection (learn more)
  • ELCA World Hunger – yearning for all to be fed (learn more)

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Lessons & Carols Service – Saturday, December 4 at 7 p.m.

Join us for a night of song, scripture, and scrumptious holiday treats! This service will include short readings and well-known Advent/Christmas hymns as we long for God’s fullness to come among us. Listen to the story, be moved by the music, and recall the ways God is alive among us.

Host The Holy Family

As we reflect on yearning, we invite you to host the Holy Family before their arrival at WPLC. The movement of the Holy Family will help you to build community, recall the journey of the Holy Family, and reflect on our theme of yearning.


  1. Give refuge to the Holy Family for 3-7 days
  2. Use the Advent Study Guide to reflect on the theme of yearning (optional)
  3. Share a picture of the Holy Family at your home (optional)
  4. Physically transport the Holy Family to the next host (we will work to accommodate transportation limitations)

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