The past two years have taught us a lot about community, spirituality, and caring for our neighbor. At WPLC, we continue to welcome individuals wherever they are on their spiritual or religious journey. That is why, with your feedback, the Congregation Council aligned our goals and giving to support God’s calling with our Wherever You Are goals.

Now let’s bring the vision to life with our 2022 giving!

This is the time of year in the church when we invite you to join us in this spiritual practice of aligning your Christian values with your finances. Take time to review your spending and join in thankfully giving a portion of the abundance God has given you as we work for justice and strengthen our community.

As a result of the rapidly-changing landscape within spiritual life across the globe, the Congregation Council is taking proactive steps to ensure that our thriving ministry is well-positioned for the future. This includes (1) moving our office assistant to 40 hours per week (from 35 hours) to support our hybrid ministries, (2) preparing pastoral support to cover our ministry during pastor’s sabbatical, (3) and expanding our music program with hand chimes, organ repairs, and additional musicians to name a few. 

Congregation Council proposes a 2022 budget increase of 14%, or $44,712, for a total 2022 budget of $372,610 to best position our ministry for the years ahead.

We cannot do this work alone—we need your support! All our ministries are funded by WPLC and our generous donors, and we do not receive support financial support from our denomination. So, we need your help to share our values of inclusivity, justice, liturgy, and diversity!

Would you partner with us by setting a tax-deductible giving goal for 2022?

What’s next?

Giving Goals to consider

  1. Move toward or past a tithe (10% of your income) by a percentage or more – a biblical model for giving (click here to learn more)
  2. An additional $6 weekly; $25 monthly; $296 annually – ministry cost increase between 2021 and 2022 divided by number of families who have donated in 2020
  3. $17 weekly; $75 monthly; $894 annually  – covers the cost of 50% of a single worship service
  4. $47 weekly; $206 monthly; $2,468 annually  – 2022 cost for ministry divided by the number of families who have donated in 2021 (includes non-members and members)
  5. $82 weekly; $354 monthly; $4,250 annually  – the cost for 2022’s baptisms
  6. $117 weekly; $506 monthly; $6,078 annually  – covers the cost for two months of our music ministries, including the community choir and instrument maintenance
  7. $201 weekly; $872 monthly; $10,462 annually  – cost of approximately one month of our service to the local community and our work with the global church
  8. $454 weekly; $1,966 monthly; $23,590 annually  – the cost to provide fellowship and community-building

Ultimately, we are thankful for gifts of any size as we continue to bring love, hope, and transformation to Wicker Park and beyond.

Communicate Your GIFT

Please complete the form even if your giving goal remains the same from last year.

Why Give to WPLC?

Thanks to our generous donors this last year we’ve seen:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:19-24 (NRSV)

What a Couple OF our Visitors ThinK:

It has been a long, long time since I’ve felt that deep, resonant connection to a message and I feel really fortunate to have experienced it during the recent worship with your congregation.

Frequent Chicago visitor

I never thought I would hear the organ again, but I heard it this morning…Grand to my ears.

80-year-old former member attending online from St. James, Missouri

How do you use my GiftS?

More Questions

Please contact Pastor Jason (pastor@wickerparklutheran.org or 773-276-0263) or congregation vice-president Anne McCall (vp@wickerparklutheran.org) with questions or for additional support as you discern your giving.