“Looking Forward” Giving Campaign

“Looking Forward” Giving Campaign

Black text reads "Looking Forward" with a WPLC-red triangle and a black arrow.

It has been an unforgettable year with so much shifting in our world. Through it all, Wicker Park Lutheran Church continues to embody our values and Christian calling “to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

With your feedback, the Congregation Council aligned our goals and finances to support God’s calling with our Looking Forward goals. So too, we invite you to join us in this spiritual practice of aligning your Christian values with your finances. You can do this in a group setting at our “values-based budgeting workshop” (learn more and RSVP here) or using this workbook on your own.

To best align our values and Christian calling, the Congregation Council proposes a 2021 budget increase of 14%, or $45,700, for a total 2021 budget of $365,232 (details here). This increase (1) moves our office assistant to 40 hours per week (from 35 hours) to support our Digital Church, (2) helps us achieve a long-term goal of giving 10% of our operating budget to ministry partners, (3) and covers the costs of a full-time pastoral intern to support the future of the church among other things. 

We cannot do this work alone—we need your support! All our ministries are 100% self-funded, and we need your help to share our values of love, justice, inclusivity, community, and discipleship. Would you partner with us by setting a tax-deductible giving goal for 2021?

  1. Move toward or past a tithe by a percentage or more. – a biblical model for giving (click here to learn more)
  2. An additional $5.56 weekly; $24.25 monthly; $291 annually – ministry cost increase between 2020 and 2021 divided by number of families who have donated in 2020
  3. $14 weekly; $59 monthly; $702 annually  – the approximate cost for one week of our education programs
  4. $33 weekly; $144 monthly; $1,728 annually  – the cost per worship service
  5. $45 weekly; $194 monthly; $2,326 annually  – 2021 cost for ministry divided by the number of families who have donated in 2020 (includes non-members and members)
  6. $89 weekly; $388 monthly; $4,653 annually or more  – 2021 cost for ministry for two families (yours and a family who struggles to cover their costs)
  7. $133 weekly; $576 monthly; $6,913 annually  – the approximate cost of a four worship services
  8. $204 weekly; $883 monthly; $10,599 annually  – cost of approximately one month of our service to the local community and our work with the global church
  9. $437 weekly; $1,892 monthly; $22,700 annually  – the cost to educate a future pastor during their pastoral internship at WPLC

Ultimately, we are thankful for gifts of any size as we continue to bring love, hope, and transformation to Wicker Park and beyond.

Please complete the form even if your giving goal remains the same.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:19-24 (NRSV)
Learn about why Andy supports WPLC.

Thanks to donations this year, 2020 saw:

Most inclusive congregation I’ve ever been in. Loved it!

I didn’t know my heart was reaching so much for it—I ended up crying through most of the beautiful service.

A graphic describing the $365,232 needed to engage in ministry in 2021 broken into the six major ministry categories–worship, invitation, service, education, operations, and fellowship.

Please contact Pastor Jason (pastor@wickerparklutheran.org or 773-276-0263) or congregation vice-president Andy Park (vp@wickerparklutheran.org) with questions or for additional support as you discern your giving.