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Baptism of Our Lord Sunday

One series, above all others, has taken Netflix by storm the past month. The timing was perfect for its release. Right before Christmas allowed time for people to binge watch the series over the holidays. This series is entitled “Making a Murder.” It has captivated individuals from every facet of life to learn about Steven Avery in this first season. I’m not going to give any spoilers away, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it. Very briefly I’ll note that Steven Avery was formerly convicted of sexual assault in 1985. 18 years later he was released when DNA evidence linked the assault to another man. As a result, Steven decides to file a lawsuit against the county associated with his prison sentence. Shortly after this lawsuit was filed, Steven was accused of a murder. The series goes through his court trial for the murder, and at times it’s hard to figure out whose voice to listen to. Do we listen to the Steven? What about the state prosecutor? How about Steven’s family? Can the police even be trusted? Is the media spinning inaccuracies? Can we trust the children? There are so many angles, so many possibilities, and so many voices.

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Epiphany of Our Lord Sunday

Good morning and Happy New Year to you all! I’m so glad to be here with you today, thank you to Pastor Jason for sharing the pulpit on this Epiphany of our Lord Sunday. Now, for me, living with my spouse who’s has been really excited over Star Wars: The Force Awakens since it came out, it’s hard not to think about this epic War in the Stars when I think of Epiphany.

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First Sunday of Christmas

Joseph and Mary had a tradition to visit Jerusalem for the Passover festival. Perhaps you have family traditions too. But I hope that happened to Mary and Joseph does not happen to you!

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