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Epiphany of Our Lord Sunday

Good morning and Happy New Year to you all! I’m so glad to be here with you today, thank you to Pastor Jason for sharing the pulpit on this Epiphany of our Lord Sunday. Now, for me, living with my spouse who’s has been really excited over Star Wars: The Force Awakens since it came out, it’s hard not to think about this epic War in the Stars when I think of Epiphany.

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First Sunday of Christmas

Joseph and Mary had a tradition to visit Jerusalem for the Passover festival. Perhaps you have family traditions too. But I hope that happened to Mary and Joseph does not happen to you!

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Nativity of Our Lord I: Christmas Eve

I think I’ve turned into a Christmas Grinch. Yeah, it might not good form for a pastor to admit this openly. This year I’ve struggled more than most wondering why in the world do we bother with this stressful, emotional, and exhausting month.

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