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Cosmos Sunday

This morning as we are in this season of creation and with today’s theme of “Cosmos,” I want to put a tag on our second lesson and for a moment – with your prayers – I want to talk about “Jesus Christ Preeminent.”

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Storm Sunday

My siblings in Christ, let me say how grateful I am to be with you all.
I’ve had the chance to meet some of you by now, but for those who don’t know me, I am Vicar Paul Eldred and this is the third week of my pastoral residency here at Wicker Park Lutheran.
I look forward to getting to know you all during my year here, but for just a short blurb about me, I am a senior at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago down in Hyde Park. I spent the past year as a full-time pastoral intern in St. Peter, Minnesota.
Even though I’ve spent the past three years in the Midwest, I’m not from here – the Pacific Northwest is home for me.
In fact, three years ago as my husband and I were moving from Seattle to Chicago so I could start seminary, I remember very clearly the day we could tell that we had entered the Midwest…

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Fauna and Flora Sunday

Fear and worry are at an all-time high in America. Polls show that majorities of Americans worry about being a victim of a terrorist attack and crime. Even though overall crime rates are down, the sense of disorder is relentless. Mass shootings are commonplace. Violent protests are routine. Global warming is accepted. Politicians on all sides have tapped into these worries and used them to sway our vote. These societal fears are in addition to the day-to-day fears of life. We wonder: Am I “hitting the mark” at work? Am I failing as a parent? Will my body make it to retirement? Have I made the right investments? Am I even happy? We worry. We’re anxious. We’re afraid…

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