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11th Sunday After Pentecost

When my wife was ordained to the ministry two years ago I gave her three pieces of religious artwork. The three pieces are all by the same artist, Joseph Novak. He is a Presbyterian pastor and graphic artist. As an artistic endeavor and as an act of personal piety Joseph Novak chose to take all of the books of the bible and create a single graphic which would capture what he interpreted as the essence of the particular book. What he made are colorful, abstract, and often thought provoking. He calls his works collectively The Minimum Bible…

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10th Sunday After Pentecost

Last week I finally got around to watching the movie Zootopia. As I watched it, I couldn’t help think that it reflected the racial tension and political fears of our country today. I mentioned that to some friends and one of them said, “Yep. That’s why we really need to pray.” Another friend replied, “I’ve been praying. For over a year I’ve been praying that the police would stop shooting unarmed Black men, and look at how that turned out. God doesn’t want to answer my prayers.”…

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The Feast of Mary Magdalene

Have you ever met someone whose reputation preceded them? Maybe it was when you met your boss’ boss for the first time. Maybe it was a public figure, or even Mickey Mouse. Before you met you had heard all about them. Whether the reputation was accurate or not, others set the tone for your interaction with that person. Reputations are interesting. After all, our unique reputation isn’t something that we can control; instead we can only have influence on it. Our reputation lives apart from us and has the potential to live on after us through our legacy…

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