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Fifth Sunday of Easter

Goodbyes are a difficult thing for me. Knowing it may be a while until I see friends and loved ones again is never easy.

In my family, it’s also not uncommon for goodbyes to last close a really long time – once we start saying goodbye, we keep talking and talking. It sometimes takes three or four goodbyes before someone finally leaves. I remember the first time Ryan experienced this phenomena after dinner at my aunt’s house. It was late and we needed to head home, so I said, “Well I guess we should get going.” Everyone agreed – we said goodbye and Ryan got up and put his coat on. Then my cousin started another conversation. About fifteen minutes later, I again said it was time to go with a second round of goodbyes. Ryan moved closer to the door as someone else started yet another conversation. Exasperated, Ryan finally sat down again and we were there for another twenty minutes. Finally, the third time took and we left about 45 minutes after Ryan had first put on his coat. As we got in the car, Ryan asked why it took so long to leave – I looked at him confused and laughed, “That’s just how my family says goodbye!”…

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Fourth Sunday of Easter

This week you might have turned on the news and heard a commentator supporting the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. A flip of the channel and another commentator supported the American Health Care Act. You may have wondered, “Which voice should I listen to?” So too, when we look in the mirror, do we listen to the voice that says we are strong and wonderfully-made, or do we hear our inner-voice fat shaming us? Do we let the voice of advertisers tell us that without this face cream or that phone we cannot be happy? Different voices are all around us. And often we wonder, “Which voice do we listen to?”…

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Third Sunday of Easter

Jesus is dead. We saw him die.
Ok, we didn’t see him die, but some of the others did. He had been talking about his death for a while. It made some of us pretty uncomfortable…

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