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The Feast of Mary Magdalene

Last week I attended a conference called “healing the violence.” During one session, we explored the connection between storytelling and healing. As Pastor Rebecca Anderson spoke, she emphasized that storytelling builds intimacy and vulnerability. When done in truth, she said, stories have the ability to disrupt and provide space for transformation. Today, we remember Mary Magdalene’s story. But, before we allow her story to disrupt us and transform us, we must uncover her real story. To do so, let’s explore some Mary Magdalene trivia with some true or false statements for you to vote on…

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Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

I’m excited! Have you noticed our new green paraments are finally here! This is the liturgical season when we are surrounded by green and we focus on growth, learning, and discovery. It’s fitting that we have these new paraments on a day when we’re talking about the growth of seeds in different soil types. To engage this gospel story, I’ve given you a handout so we can explore what’s going and how it might relate to our lives. Before we begin, we need to remember the context in which Jesus tells this parable…

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Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

Quick poll: “Who has heard of Goldilocks?” In the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” Goldilocks comes across the home of the three bears. She eats from three bowls of porridge – one is too salty, one is too sweet, and the final one is just right. Then, she finds three chairs – one is too high, one is too low, and the final one is just right. Finally, there are three beds – one is too hard, one is too soft, and the final one is… just right…

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