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Third Sunday After Pentecost

Today’s gospel reading picks up where last week’s left off. To understand what’s happening today, we need to recall that Jesus spoke about rejection. It’s helpful for us to feel that rejection. Take a moment to think of a time when you were rejected. In romantic relationships, it could be after a first date or decades of marriage. In our careers, we might not get that promotion or the job offer. We can be rejected from higher education, an offer on a home, or because of our identity…

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Second Sunday After Pentecost

So I’m not going to lie, I’ve never done this before, but I was tempted to just show up this morning and preach this sermon off the top of my head, no notes, no manuscript, completely lead by the Holy Spirit…

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Holy Trinity Sunday

Contrary to popular belief, the word of the day is not “summer.” Rather, today’s word is “Trinity,” for Holy Trinity Sunday. What do we mean by Trinity? The most common Trinitarian formula is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. One of my favorite Trinitarian formulas from St. Augustine is the lover, the beloved, and the love. Yet, as one colleague puts it, “The Trinity is not a doctrine to which we subscribe because it describes God … The Trinity is, instead, a description of the experience of the church.”…

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