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Sermons by “Vicar Sarah Derrick”

Fifth Sunday in Lent

How do we mark or memorialize loss…

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Second Sunday in Lent

“We are the only species who cooks, and when we learned to cook is when we became truly human.” Michael Pollan begins Netflix series Cooked in a similar way to how he begins his book. Cooked is a four-part series where Pollan takes food enthusiasts, lovers of sociology, anthropology or all of the above back to the origins of the cooking. He bases each episode around one of the four great transformations of cooking, which line up with the four elements of nature: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth…

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Ash Wednesday

Beware. It’s a word we would associate with entering a construction site, a warning we might heed from a mysterious character in a movie, or sign we might read and take quite seriously walking into an open field of lions…

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