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Sermons by “Vicar Sarah Derrick”

Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

I was sitting in the passenger’s seat as Ginny, the woman with whom I’d been working as her teaching assistant, the woman who had come to be a dear friend and mentor was driving. I was nearing the end of my year of living in Malaysia, and I was in the season that many of us in this room might know well. The season of sending out countless resumes and cover letters, countless applications hoping to hear something, anything, really. Any acknowledgement of my application would be great. I had just heard back from a potential employer, finally a response, informing me that they’d like to set up a time to interview me. I was sharing this exciting news with Teacher Ginny as we drove to go shopping, I was sharing with her the jobs I was interested in, the applications I had been sending out, all that I had been doing, and I shared my excitement that something had finally happened…

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Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

Many of us might remember where we were on September 11. We might remember where we were, maybe we remember the fear we felt, the confusion, the anger. Maybe we had a loved one in New York or Washington and we waited to hear whether they were okay…

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Second Sunday of Advent

“When I was little, one of my favorite things was to get a big stack of books, walk into my older sister’s room, and set the books down by her bed. I’d crawl into her bed with our dad in between us, and wait excitedly for my dad to read through the stack of 10-15 books we had compiled for the night . Books on heavy rotation included Green Eggs and Ham and Go Dog Go among other Dr. Seuss favorites. “Oodles of Zeus” my dad would call those read-a-thon nights. More often than not, most if not all the books in the pile were books that we had read countless times and almost knew by heart, and more often than not, my dad would only get through one or two before we were asleep for the night. Each night, despite our track record, we would assemble this big stack, and each night my dad would start to work his way through the pile as if this would be the night we would get through them all. Aside from the cast of the start of this week’s Gospel sounding something like the cast of a Dr. Seuss book…”

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