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Sermons by “Rev. Jason S. Glombicki”

Second Sunday After Pentecost

The word “sabbath” is central in today’s readings. It’s a word that drips with religiosity and is rarely used elsewhere. In fact, most religions have some kind of “day of rest,” even if they don’t describe it as a sabbath. The essence of a sabbath is to have one day a week to abstain from work focused on benefits for the individual. In the Hebrew Scriptures, or the Old Testament, we learn that over time the Israelites defined what was considered inappropriate on the Sabbath – including things like cooking, trading, plowing and reaping, gathering wood, and loading animals…

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Pentecost Sunday

“What does this mean?” That question was echoed in today’s reading from Acts, it’s a question you may have thought while Maria read in French, and often I read John’s gospel with that same question in mind. So, what does this mean?…

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