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Sermons by “Rev. Jason S. Glombicki”

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Pentecost Sunday

A few weeks ago our readings talked about Jesus as the good shepherd. For us urban dwellers this image of shepherding might have been difficult to connect with. Today, though, we may be able to connect with ease because it’s about city living…

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Sixth Sunday Of Easter

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person will have ten different jobs before the age of forty.[1] That is a lot of job transitions. A job change is an enormous life shift, but it’s not the only transition in life. Most of us have made the transition from high school to college. Some of us have become parents, lost someone we’ve loved, or gone through a divorce. Many of us have changed neighborhoods or gone through a breakup. As we get older we typically transition from having a large circle of friends to a few intimate friends, and most mature adults eventually transition from the working world into retirement. Generally speaking, transitions are difficult. After a transition we sometimes flounder around in an awkward emotional space between what is gone and the “new normal” to come. It’s a challenge to navigate this grey zone of change…

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Fifth Sunday of Easter

Weather. It is a pretty harmless topic of conversation. It’s something we all have experienced. When talking about it you can compare differences or similarities geographically, say weather at the lake verses Wick Park or larger differences like those across the country or globe. Weather is something that has a great impact on our daily life. It helps keep us alive and it also has the power to kill us. Weather is important…

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