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Sermons by “Rev. Jason S. Glombicki”

Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost

We live in a world of extremes. Just this week, scientists reminded us that the rapid intensification of Hurricane Michael was a result of the extreme global temperatures. As election day grows closer, we hear politicians on all sides use extreme rhetoric and fear-based tactics to win. Our culture’s idolatry of individualism has contributed to our country’s extreme polarization and a lack of empathy. Time and again, we see that extremism has taken over religion giving us ISIS, the Christian Crusades, and the Biblical records of genocide committed by Jewish people…

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Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost

The reading from Mark picks up where we left off last Sunday. In last week’s reading, the disciples were fighting over who was the greatest. Then, Jesus took a child into his arms and reminded the disciples that welcoming the powerless, the dependent, and the vulnerable is what makes someone great. Today, Jesus still held that child in his arms and the conversation continued…

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Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost

    Here we are, one final week in John’s gospel before going back to Mark. I am excited to switch back to Mark. I find that John’s gospel is more confusing and can easily be misunderstood. For example, a superficial reading of today’s gospel could easily support an argument that Christians are cannibals. But let’s be careful not to miss the forest for the trees. To better see the forest, it’s important for us to remember why John was written. That’s why you have an infographic in your bulletin from the good people over at The Bible Project.[1] In the top left, we can see the intention of the Gospel writer. The objective was to lead us to the belief that Jesus is the Messiah, and that by believing, we may have life in his name. So, all this talk about bread over the past few weeks was to help illume one of John’s main questions, namely “what does it mean to truly live?”…

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