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Sermons by “Rev. Jason S. Glombicki”

The Feast of Mary, Mother of Our Lord

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my savior, for you, Lord, have looked with favor on your lowly servant” (Luke 1:46-48, Evangelical Lutheran Worship). This is the beginning of today’s reading known as the Magnificat. It’s a song of praise sung by Jesus’s mother. It’s Mary’s bold declaration of faith. And, it seems oddly out of place to me. But first, let’s set the biblical scene…

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Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

“Vanity of vanities! All is vanity,” are some of the first things we hear from our Scripture readings today. Hopefully, you picked up on the fact that the author of Ecclesiastes is not speaking about a bathroom remodeling project. Rather, the author is getting us settled in for what is going to be a really tough set of readings. If you hadn’t pre-read today’s readings in the e-newsletter, then with those words, you might have wondered if you could sneak out before you were seen. For today, is going to be a challenging exploration for all of us, myself included…

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Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

How do you pray? What’s the “right” thing to say? I want to have a better prayer life, but how? I get these questions often. And, apparently, the disciples, or at least one disciple, had the same question for Jesus in today’s gospel. It’s an understandable question. We hope that, like baking a cake, if we discover the right formula, mechanism, or magic process then life will be pretty sweet…

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