holy week reflection

holy week reflection

This Holy Week, we invite you to prepare your whole self for meeting Christ in this most important of weeks. One way we have been doing this as a community throughout Lent is through The Examen. The Examen is a prayer that Christians have used for centuries as a way of connecting to God’s presence and reflecting on God’s activity in our lives. 

Whether it has already been a part of your Lenten prayer practice, or not, we invite you to deepen your Holy Week reflection through entering into the Examen in one of these ways:

Read and Reflect

Self-guided Examen Reflection

Use this prayer card to guide you through the basic steps of the Examen. You may download, print, and place somewhere in your home or office where you will see it this Holy Week as a reminder to listen to God.


recording of the examen

Push play and simply listen to this nine-minute recording of Vicar Bethany guiding you through the steps of the Examen.


Reimagining the Examen Smart-phone Application

Download this app for android or iphone for a unique Examen reflection each day. You may “choose an Examen that matches your current state of being, or pray that day’s scheduled reflection.”

For Android and Google Devices
For Iphones and ipads